Creating Mood Boards for branding:: 5 Top tips for creating your mood boards

Will you be creating a mood board to help with your branding?


mood board inspiration

Creating a mood board does not feel like work but more an arts and craft session.  Time to have a bit of fun with your business. Think of it as a blank canvas white, clean, fresh and you re about to start splashing colourful paint onto it. Where do you start? I would say clear your head, go for a walk focusing on your vision. Once you have that first idea, it will be like cascading dominos; you wont be able to stop bursting with ideas.

1: Not Just Digital

It is easy to hop on Pinterest and make a mood board, we have a lot of these to fall back on! Try going back to basics; using photos, magazines clippings, newspapers exerts, textures, colour cards. Grab a large sheet of paper and get sticking!

2: Word It Up!

Add some text! Create some drama, what words go with your brand. Where do they sit on your new colourful imagery? What does your brand stand for? Do you have tag lines to go with your vision? Build it up layer by layer, you can’t go wrong!

3: Think Outside The Box

Do not eliminate anything that catches your eye it caught your eye for a reason, stick it on there. This is possibly how the wittiest, cleverest and simple logos and taglines came about!

4: Explanation

If someone is to look in on your mood board, could you explain why it looks the way it does? You need to be able to resonate with your board as this will help you to dig deeper to discover the true feel for your company branding.

5: Have Fun!

Spend time on every detail, enjoy the process and love your board.

It is good to remember that mood boards can be used for other things, interior décor, a story or clothing for example. They are such a fabulous tool to use and master.


Our Inspiration

The mood board for P. Creative started with the deep blue ocean which is now featured in our colour pallet.  The fresh, flowing water that is uncontained featuring beautiful and wonderful nature. The sea gives away a serious undertone but can be enjoyed in so many ways and this represents who we are.  We aim to be taken seriously but can have a little fun in the process. The natural colour intensifies at different levels and captures the eye at different depths. The sun shining through the blue, the greens on sea bed, silvery fish, the pinks of the coral. All in our pallet.


creating a mood board for P. Creative

We would love to see your mood boards! Have any questions or if you would like a no obligation chat please contact us , we have your back. Keep and eye out on our news page for more business help.


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