On the Day

Are you looking for a table plan to wow? or place names that finish your table? Or even a menu to let your guests know what sumptuous treats they are in for.

The best way to enjoy your day is to know that your guests know how the day will flow.

The Quality and Service

While you have so many different suppliers to choose from who offer different packages and prices, you might have a reused design or not the stock you deserve. Here I promise to give you the full bespoke service, your design on the highest quality stock at very competitive prices.

Don't Forget Anything

The day will flow much better if your guests know the Order of the Service, they will be able to join in your celebrations. A ‘Welcome’ sign at the reception is a lovely touch, a table plan is a must! And menus and place names just add to the ease of the day. People like to know the plan.

Are you ready to get in touch? Please feel free to email and I will reply as soon as I am able too. If you would like to see more give Pastel Designs on Social Media.

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